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When one cold night can ruin an entire year’s hard work…


Since 1967, we have engineered and built our wind machines with precision technology. We take pride in the details, which is why growers from around the world trust our name. We design machinery to match your needs and are there to help throughout the process.

At Orchard-Rite (Formatt Machinery),  we are dedicated to serving you and your crops by providing the tools and knowledge to stave off those frosty nights.
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Orchard Rite - Frost Fans
Orchard Rite - Frost Fans

Continuous and reliable
Stationary Model

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Tri-Blade Stationary Model 

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Orchard Rite - Frost Fans
Orchard Rite - Frost Fans

Crop protection on the go
Portable Model

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Undisturbed Views, Maximzed harvest
Laydown Model 


2600 MODEL


  • Silver Paint


  • Two Blades
  • Length 19’ 10”/6.05m


  • Lower Gearbox 1.4Gal/5.2L

2430 MODEL


  • Silver Paint


  • Three Blades
  • Length 19’ 10”/6.05m
  • Up to 10dB quieter than our two-blade machines


  • Lower Gearbox 1.4Gal/5.2L

Frost Protection. A Quick reference.

Effective Frost Protection Elements:

  • Is it a liable system?
  • Is it Efficient?
  • What requirements are needed?
  • What is the cost per year per Ha?
  • Is it an all-in solution or not?

Without liable system no frost protection.

When you have frost – risk, the system should work. Not 1 hour, 2 hours. No. It should work right away and it should be able to work all day, all week if needed all month.

Last year, the so-called cheap ‘miracle’ frost protection systems suffered from enormous problems such as engine problems, gearbox problems, blade problems.

It is advised, before starting with frost protection, to look around for all used systems, with real-time experiences. Do not believe the ‘commercials’ as everyone is selling the ‘best system in the world’. Check check and double-check.

Our robust machinery is built to stand in all conditions. 35.000 machines installed all over the world you can only get with satisfactory results.

Efficiency: level of protection / cost / protected surface / year

The cost of frost protection is measured by cost per Ha per year.

Some systems require lots of labour and maintenance and pre-stocking. Other solutions require orchard – treatment after the frost. In your decision, all these elements should be considered. Choices should be made on a long-term basis.
Of course, the level of protection should be considered as well.

Define your requirements

Some factors that should be taken into account when deciding about frost protection.

  • Light frost (1°C) or hard frost (4 – 6 °C) protection?
  • Environmental restrictions? Neighbor distance? Water availability?
  • Available labour during nights?
  • Frost statistics. How often there is frost in the region.
  • Note: Frost potentials from the Bureau of Meteorology Australia (online link ) Frost potential details for each location.
  • Check out the wind machine science and education page.

Cost of protection by ORCHARD - RITE wind machines

One machine can cover up to 6.5 Ha (model 2600).
Orchard – Rite wind machines require very limited maintenance, as they can be used for over 25 years, with having over 35.000 machines we are proud to say that we have very few failures.

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