The Kubota name is synonymous with the world’s highest performing, efficient and reliable engines. Since 1922, when Kubota manufactured its first engine, Kubota has invested heavily in the research and development of advance technologies to produce engines that set the benchmark for the industry. Kubota engines are built with the user and environment in mind, providing reliable power when you need it most while reducing emissions and impact on the environment. Available in up to 82HP, Kubota engines are built for tough Australian conditions. With longstanding customers utilising Kubota engines on the remote pumping stations of Outback Queensland to powering Kubota tractors in the lush vineyards of the Barossa Valley.

AC Series
Air-cooled 5.6HP

The Kubota AC60

OC Series
Oil-Cooled 5.6-8.5HP

The Kubota OC Series

RK Series
Water-Cooled 6-9.5HP

RK Series Water-Cooled- 6-9.5HP

RT Series
Water-Cooled 10-14HP

RT Series Water-Cooled- 10-14HP

Super Mini
Water-Cooled 10.9 -20.4HP


05 Series
Water-Cooled 17.4-36.4HP

Kubota-05 Series Water-Cooled- 17.4-36.4HP

03 Series
Water-Cooled 25.5-48.7HP

Kubota-03 Series Water-Cooled 25.5-48.7HP

03-M Series
Water-Cooled 26.1-48.8HP

Kubota-03-M Series Water-Cooled 26.1-48.8HP

V3 Series
Water-Cooled- 59.1-82.2HP

Kubota-V3 Series Water-Cooled- 59.1-82.2HP

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