Dingo Mini Digger – K9PW

B2301HD Compact Tractor B2301HD Compact Tractor

Our entry level Petrol Wheeled Mini Digger.


  • 23HP Kohler EFI petrol engine for efficient performance.
  • All-wheel drive for superior traction on various terrains.
  • Optional narrow wheel and hub set for access in tight spaces.
  • Robust chassis design lowers center of gravity for improved stability.
  • High lift capacity relative to weight class for effective material handling.
  • Durable powder-coated finish for longevity in harsh conditions.

  • Dingo Mini Digger – K9PW

    Designed and manufactured by Dingo Australia, powered by the EFI petrol engine, the Dingo Mini Digger – K9PW is the ideal platform for worksites, owner-operators and DIY‘ers.

    The lean fuel burn of the Kohler, delivers excellent fuel economy, reducing running costs. Pressure and flow to the track and your attachments are the heart of any mini loader – it’s how you earn your living. You want the very best – and that’s what a K9PW provides consistently – day after day, year after year!

    Combining the unique hydraulic design of the Dingo Mini Digger with the Kohler EFI, provides the perfect partnership of power, pressure and durability for every application. The K9PW has the most robust chassis on the market – this moves the weight down to the track where you need it. The lower center of gravity gives you best in class traction and trenching up to 30% more pull and 30% more push power.

    Optional Narrow Wheel And Hubs

    The Dingo all-wheel drive K9WP model is perfect for all terrains. The optional narrow wheel and hub set, enables a quick change of the set-up to access narrow spaces whenever required. Set it as narrow as 780 mm, which can eliminating the need for a second machine. Achieve more with the best and highest lift for the weight class. Our proven bushing system has no steel on steel wear – which means no grease no mess, resulting in less maintenance and longer machine life! Your K9PW mini digger is protected by our touch powder-coated finish.

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